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  The exciting characteristics of Barn Joo’s menu, is a changing array of small plates highlighting farm-to-table ingredients offering comfort foods with a touch of Korean soul. We focus on bringing the best out of ingredients and transform them into flavor profiles different from the Western palate. Guests are welcomed for a quick bite at the bar, a specialty cocktail in our speakeasy, or for a pleasant dining experience under our naturally organic yet unique ambiance.

 In Korean language, Barn Joo means musical accompaniment or drinks accompanied with your meal. We want to create a warm and welcoming venue to eat, drink and enjoy what our Barn Joo family has to offer.


In the Spring of 2013, Barn Joo was established in the Flatiron District. No longer will the Korean dining scene be subject to the Manhattan's K-Town District. Composing of farm-to-table tapas and well crafted cocktails, Barn Joo continued to push the envelope by also incorporating The Grain, a speakeasy below Barn Joo, with live jazz and high-end whiskies.


After only three years, Barn Joo opened its sister restaurant in Midtown. Barn Joo 35 is a smaller scale restaurant with the same rustic wood and metal accents throughout. Barn Joo 35 offers a similar menu as Barn Joo and their tapa-sized dishes are perfect for sharing.


The Barn Joo family was growing so it made sense for their Flatiron location to move into a bigger venue. As of 2017, its flagship restaurant now lies in the heart of Union Square. Elevating its food and beverage program, they now offer barbecue in their mezzanine level. Fixed barbecue tables with a down draft system places them on the map making them unlike any other Korean restaurant.


The Grain is currently scheduled to open in the Winter of 2018. Like its previous home, The Grain will be located below Barn Joo and its patrons will be able to enjoy the same live jazz and thoughtfully curated whiskey selection. 


CEO :: Charles Tiger Chong

The Korean dining scene can no longer be contained in Manhattan’s Koreatown in the West 30s, and is spilling into the Flatiron district.

First came the tavern Hanjan, and now this sprawling 8,100-square-foot bar and restaurant on the ground floor of a boutique hotel owned
by the entrepreneur Charles Chong.

A motif of heavy hanging ropes is used throughout the sleek wood-paneled restaurant to symbolize “tying or connecting people together,” Mr. Chong said.

– By Florence Fabricant / The New York Times